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The most common approach to CPG development seems to come from the efforts of small teams of dedicated volunteers, often working with minimal funding and variable understanding of CPG development methods, to produce recommendations for practice in local settings, based on a range of evidence sources.

These include peer-reviewed literature, grey literature, other CPGs and expert opinion.

Historically, CPGs were built mostly on expert opinion, which included variable (and often selective) reference to research evidence [14, 15].

The term ‘protocol’ is commonly used to prescribe behaviours at diplomatic and societal events.water or air quality, food security, incident reporting and investigation, etc.) and are generally developed and used by policy-makers, service organizations, funders or regulatory authorities.relate to clinical matters, generally dealing with clinical conditions or symptoms, and are typically intended for use by health care providers and clinic managers [4].Internationally, over the past decade in particular, an industry seems to have developed around CPG development, reporting, adoption, contextualization or adaptation, evaluation and implementation.The growing volume of evidence and the acronyms used in this field can be overwhelming, even for those involved.

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