Updating electrical wiring old home

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Only minimal electrical work may be legally carried out on a DIY basis without having to get the work inspected by a competent electrician – a service few are willing to provide – and get building regulations approval.

A capable DIYer may add a new socket by running a spur, or add or change a light fitting, but when it comes to more significant works, you must always get in a professional.

Where ceilings are low and downlights or pendants are inappropriate, table lamps or uplights offer a good alternative, particularly if they are run from 2 or 5amp sockets which are switched on from a master switch.

When choosing modern lighting sources for older buildings, consider the quality and colour temperature of light they offer.

As well as offering peace of mind and comfort, they can help reduce energy use by ensuring heating, lighting and other systems are only on when required.

Despite much technology being wireless, it is important to consider how it will be integrated into the home early on, so that cables and items such as routers can be installed in the best possible place during the rewire.

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Plan for the future by incorporating ducts with a draw wire when laying floors or undertaking work to walls, so that cables may be pulled through later on.

Most period properties were built in an era before electric lighting and appliances were standard in homes.

Buildings simply weren’t designed to accommodate services, so the addition of modern electrics can represent quite a challenge.

Although wireless systems have the advantage of avoiding cables, hard-wired systems are sometimes favoured in period houses as the thickness of walls, chimney breasts, steelwork and even foil-faced insulation materials may interfere with signals, including wi-fi internet.

For this reason additional wi-fi transmitters may be needed.

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