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The Expression Engine update instructions include a point where you are encouraged to put any updated add-on files in place before you run the Expression Engine updater.

However I do not recommend this since Construct 2 is not compatible with versions of Expression Engine prior to 3.

But sometimes documentation can be dull and dry and you just want to see some real-world examples.

That’s why the How To Use Construct article exists.

Ok - the updating-instructions are good and detailed. With one click, you are always rolling the dice, and trust me I've lost that battle many times.

I could have checked the required PHP-version before But always when upgrading it is required to make backups from everything, setting file-permission, renaming files, changing and … Despite Wordpress having the one click update, I still cringe anytime I have to upgrade it.

A couple keys to remember (in any CMS) is to plan for upgrade. This video is an introduction to Expression Engine add-on development but requires experience in development. *Chosen by the community and awared by Devot-ee.com’s annual Academ-ee Awards. would be required, please contact your hosting provider. So in reality, if we are doing it correctly, there's little to no difference. And then, finally, running the update-wizard, I was told that the PHP-version on my server is just 5.3.7.x, 5.3.10... Even Drew Jaynes who just led up the 4.2 release said you're crazy if you don't upgrade your plugins, then deactivate them, backup your database, run the updater, then one by one reactivate plugins to test.

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