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I will use the following code to create my Source and Target table: With this code I created two tables.

The first table I created was the Product table, which will be my Target table.

The Source table is used to identify the rows that needed be inserted or update, and the Target table is the table that rows will be inserted or updated.

In order to demo the MERGE statement I will need a Source and Target table, which will be used in my MERGE example.

The MERGE statement was included into the set of TSQL statements when SQL Server 2008 was introduced.

Not only does the MERGE statement support the UPSERT concept, but it will also support deleting records.

If you read Books Online (BOL) there is a cautionary note on Filtering Rows by associating additional constraints with the ON clause of the MERGE statement.This happened because the MERGE statement’s WHEN MATCH condition was met and therefore the Qty value from the Product table, which was 5 and the Qty value from the New Inventory, which was also 5 were summed together to UPDATE the matched row in the Target table.The other two Products “Sandpaper” and “Paint Brush 1 inch” where inserted into the Product table because these two products didn’t already exist in the Product table so they met the “WHEN NOT MATCHED” condition.This condition is met when there is no row in the Source table that matches a Target table row.When this occurs SQL Server deletes rows in the Target table that don’t have a corresponding matching row in the Source table.

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