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When OFF, the statistics tree is dropped and SQL Server re-computes the statistics. This setting overrides the database level INCREMENTAL property.

When new partitions are added to a large table, statistics should be updated to include the new partitions.

When the Query Optimizer creates statistics as a result of using the AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS option, the statistics name starts with SELECT OBJECT_NAME(s.object_id) AS object_name, COL_NAME(sc.object_id, sc.column_id) AS column_name, AS statistics_name FROM sys.stats AS s JOIN sys.stats_columns AS sc ON s.stats_id = sc.stats_id AND s.object_id = sc.object_id WHERE like '_WA%' ORDER BY s.name; When the automatic update statistics option, AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS, is on, the Query Optimizer determines when statistics might be out-of-date and then updates them when they are used by a query.

Statistics become out-of-date after insert, update, delete, or merge operations change the data distribution in the table or indexed view.

These single-column statistics are created on columns that do not already have a histogram in an existing statistics object.

The AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS option does not determine whether statistics get created for indexes.

For more information about the filter predicate, see CREATE STATISTICS (Transact-SQL).The Query Optimizer determines when statistics might be out-of-date by counting the number of data modifications since the last statistics update and comparing the number of modifications to a threshold.The threshold is based on the number of rows in the table or indexed view.With synchronous statistics updates, queries always compile and execute with up-to-date statistics; When statistics are out-of-date, the Query Optimizer waits for updated statistics before compiling and executing the query.With asynchronous statistics updates, queries compile with existing statistics even if the existing statistics are out-of-date; The Query Optimizer could choose a suboptimal query plan if statistics are out-of-date when the query compiles.

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