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When dismounted only the container file - in this example - remains visible, and if examined is only so much random data since it's encrypted.Here's the dilemma: what timestamp should the container file have?Make sure that "Preserve modification timestamp of file containers" is not checked, and click OK.By unchecking this option, Truecrypt will not preserve the timestamp, but rather update it.By comparing the file's timestamp with that of its backed up copy, the backup software can infer either that the file hasn't changed since it was last backed up, or that it has and thus the backup needs to be updated.

An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. in 2003 as a place for answers to common computer and technical questions. Amazingly, the techs there said the date could not be changed, so I would unmount TC before backups, and never certain if this worked. B.: True Crypt does NOT need to be installed in order to work, and my own version is not installed.

So, you're going along and using Truecrypt to keep your sensitive data. You update the sensitive files in your Truecrypt container. You then dismount the Truecrypt volume, and run your backup. Thus the backup software the container hasn't changed and doesn't need backing up. Fortunately for most of us exposing the date the container contents have been updated isn't a big deal, doesn't represent a risk, and is something that we'd rather have so our backups would work.

Right click on the Truecrypt icon in the taskbar, and click on Preferences.

When the container is mounted Truecrypt locks it such that most other applications cannot actually access it.

Depending on your backup software this may impact its ability to backup the file. I use Truecrypt extensively, and I have the "Preserve modification timestamp of file containers" option turned .

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