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When deciding what to install, it's often helpful to read detailed descriptions of packages.

Along with human-readable text, these often include metadata like version numbers and a list of the package's dependencies.

Packages in the stable release of a distribution may be out of date, especially where new or rapidly-changing software is concerned.

Nevertheless, package management is a vital skill for system administrators and developers, and the wealth of packaged software for major distributions is a tremendous resource.

Most modern Unix-like operating systems offer a centralized mechanism for finding and installing software.

Software is usually distributed in the form of packages, kept in repositories.

updating with yum-84

Packages also contain valuable metadata, including their dependencies, a list of other packages required to install and run them.

This guide is intended as a quick reference for the fundamentals of finding, installing, and upgrading packages on a variety of distributions, and should help you translate that knowledge between systems.

Most package systems are built around collections of package files.

A short version of the commands shown on the second page are this: # install the security plugin yum -y install yum-plugin-security # display all security-related updates yum --security check-update # list all bugs fixed yum updateinfo list bugzillas # summary of advisories yum updateinfo summary # upgrade all packages with security info to latest available package yum --security update # upgrade all packages with security info to last security update # (as opposed to the latest possible update) yum --security update-minimal # help man 8 yum-security NAME yum security plugin SYNOPSIS yum [options] [command] [package ...] DESCRIPTION This plugin extends yum to allow lists and updates to be limited using security relevant criteria added yum commands are: yum update-minimal This works like the update command, but if you have the the package foo-1 installed and have foo-2 and foo-3 available with then update-minimal will update you to foo-3.

Finished Dependency Resolution Dependencies Resolved ================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repository Size ================================================================================ Installing: Maria DB-server x86_64 10.0.10-1.fc20 mariadb 49 M replacing mariadb-server.x86_64 1:5.5.36-1.fc20 Transaction Summary ================================================================================ Install 1 Package Total download size: 49 M Downloading packages: Maria DB-10.0.10-fedora20-x86_64| 49 MB Running transaction check Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded Running transaction sed: invalid option -- '1' Usage: sed [OPTION]... -n, --quiet, --silent suppress automatic printing of pattern space -e script, --expression=script add the script to the commands to be executed -f script-file, --file=script-file add the contents of script-file to the commands to be executed --follow-symlinks follow symlinks when processing in place -i[SUFFIX], --in-place[=SUFFIX] edit files in place (makes backup if SUFFIX supplied) -c, --copy use copy instead of rename when shuffling files in -i mode -b, --binary does nothing; for compatibility with WIN32/CYGWIN/MSDOS/EMX ( open files in binary mode (CR LFs are not treated specially)) -l N, --line-length=N specify the desired line-wrap length for the `l' command --posix disable all GNU extensions.

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