Validating radio buttons in perl

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Previously Rails would end up setting database connection timezone twice, once if passed via configuration in and secondly while setting default timezone. Feel free to check the full list of commits if you are interested. If you too want to contribute to Rails, this outstanding Active Record issue is a great place to start.

This change removes setting timezone on database twice if timezone is already passed via configuration variables. A work in progress to improve the documentation of Rails with a nicer theme, better SEO and faster generation time.

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It’s not on by default, so users can enjoy a trip off-world on another host. As always, there isn’t enough time to cover every change if you’d like check out the full list of changes yourself. It’s Kir, bringing you a new edition of This Week in Rails! At the same time Chrome provides native support for headless mode that is now the recommended way.If no new regressions found, the final should be released mid next week.Rails 5.2 will introduce a new credentials configuration file to store encrypted data like API keys and the secret key base.Unless more regressions are found this will likely be the last release for Rails 4.2. If you’d like to join them, why not check out the list of open issues?If you use Active Storage, you can now easily provide image previews for PDF files and videos!

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