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And this is how she would go to the king...”" ~ Esther -13 I have always been amazed at the kind of preparation that the future queen Esther had to go through before she was able to come before King Xerxes.

Would any of us want to go through twelve months of beauty treatments before meeting the man of our dreams?

They do not realize that they are wasting the most important time of their lives, they are robbing themselves of great joy and reward, they are robbing their future husbands of a more virtuous woman, and they are robbing God of a servant through whom He desires to do great things.

As Esther had to be prepared before she could be queen of an entire realm, so the woman must be prepared before she can embark on one of the most important and difficult callings in life - marriage and motherhood.

In the same way, the single Christian woman must learn the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven before she ever unites with the one that God is preparing for her.

She must be prepared intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, not by court attendants in some pagan temple, but by God Himself, His Word, and by other godly women who have been prepared before her.

To put it simply, Esther had to be transformed from a young lady into a queen before she could wear the title and fulfill the role.

Let’s accept this gift the way we want our own gifts accepted by others – enjoyed and cultivated, not worried over or neglected.

Let’s stop fretting about our looks, an attitude that proclaims “virtue is uncertain,” and instead gratefully accept the beauty God has given us.

We’re tempted to pluck a couple more eyebrow hairs, worry about the color of our shirts, look in the mirror one more time. And it’s impossible to shake this desire because God gave us our beauty to cultivate, not to worry about or smother.

Or, under the guise of being modest and counter-cultural, we don shapeless denim jumpers, long skirts and tennis shoes, thwarting any glance that might come our way. The world needs beauty, especially feminine beauty.

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