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I try to tell people now about maintaining exactly who you are. More so for women, don’t just say yes because your girls are looking at you, and you want to get married because your girl got married, and there’s a guy standing in front of you with a ring in his hand. When you have that combed out section of just you and the other person, you’re good.

You don’t have to feel like you have to say yes just because of the moment. But when you add like four other personalities into this, it turns into something else.

Here is the piping hot tea from that interview: You know I’m a hopeless romantic. At least this time I don’t have the drama around it. It’s hard to maintain that particular moment you were in, even if it’s for two months or four months. My family doesn’t want me to do it.” In our situation, with Christina, it had more to do with a family thing than it had to do with me and her.

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If the other person can’t shield that off, and they let it in, then usually you have a problem.

I wouldn’t do that to him, but we have two different personalities.

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