Who is lisa gastineau dating

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Brittny said she had heard rumors, but never knew her brother existed until her mother, Lisa, bumped into Nielsen at Ivana Trump‘s wedding last April.

I’ve known Lindsay for a really long time, and I feel like if when she was going through something bad, if I can offer her my jewelry as a friend and be there for her, then I don’t see a problem with that. She’s an incredible talent, and I really hope to see her get back on her feet and not be worrying about all of the other things she’s been worrying about and get back to what she does, and that’s being an actress.

PR.com: Do you mind the fact that your jewelry line is so heavily linked in the press with what’s going on with her right now?

Lisa Gastineau: I’m happy to see my piece on [her], and if it in some way gives her protection then more power to it.

Former Jets star Mark Gastineau fathered a son with Brigitte Nielsen and kept the boy secret from his daughter, Brittny, for 20 years, Page Six has learned.

Brittny told us how she was shocked to discover she has a half-brother named Killian Marcus Gastineau.

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