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CT & Diem (The Duel) Diem arrived for The Duel very vulnerable and with a freshly bald head. The fact that Diem could whip CT into Prince Charming surprised the cast, and the fact that they lasted for so long surprised the fan.Even when it was over, we all wanted to see them get back together.

Puck was the season’s bad boy and Rachel was the daughter in a conservative family that was on a rebellious streak.Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of the most surprising relationships.Puck & Rachel (Real World San Francisco) No, I’m not talking about Puck and Rachel from Glee.Rachel & Jenn (The Island) Here’s the reason this hook up was a surprise: Jenn isn’t a lesbian.Anyone that saw Battle of the Sexes 2/ The Inferno 2 saw Rachel run around in t-shirt with “Lesbian” or “I Love Pussy” plastered across the front, so the fact that she hooked up with Jenn was no surprise.

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