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Artania is the fourth-largest continent and is located in the northern hemisphere of Terra.Artania is located between the Verranderlijke Ocean to the west, the Mad Dog Ocean to the East and the South Ocean to the southeast.Rutania, officially known as the "Commonwealth of Rutania, is a federal presidential republic located along the western coast of Artania.

From 2600 until 2609 party was also known as Rutanian Republican Democratic Forum, just to reflect this "republican" part of program.

New republicans also favor effective state administration, which should be organized in terms of effective "public corporations".

They also hold an opinion that all social components (such as military, companies, academic institutions, and other social, religious, economic, or popular organizations) should be considered as vital party of the society, and should be in appropriate manner be "incorporated " by the state.

In the center of the continent runs the Orange River from the center northwest to the Verranderlijke Ocean.

Just as the River Ode is the sole major water route in the north, the Orange is the only major route in the center-south.

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