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Assuming that my wife is not working, we would spend a lot of time sitting in our Cambodian home staring at each other. I would quickly start fabricating excuses to leave the house for no reason.She might then accuse me of having an affair, and I would have to say “No honey, I don’t have a girlfriend, I was just wandering the sweltering, filthy streets of Phnom Penh to get away from you for a few hours.” Not good.Anyone who fled would die, and their families would also suffer the same fate, the statements said.Carmen was ferried around the tri-state area and forced to have sex with men in their homes and with seasonal workers in rural areas of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, she testified in court, according to the paper.I’m an anti-social prick with few friends to introduce to her.My friends are mostly older, married professionals with wives in their mid-40’s.The girls were delivered to a man in San Antonio referred to in court records as the "boss," who had them strip, inspected their bodies and told them they were going to be having sex with men for up to five years to pay off their smuggling debt.

Really, a white guy marrying a Cambodian woman and decreeing “but I’ll never give you a half-white baby” is like Julia Child marrying a fat man and declaring “but I’ll never cook for you.” I just couldn’t do that. Sure, my co-workers would probably stop thinking “He must be gay.” Instead, they would think, “What a schmuck. I wonder what sick things he does to her at home.” My Cambodian wife and I would be an obvious mixed race couple with a noticeable age difference. Some Americans would see her brown skin and assume that I married my Mexican cleaning lady. Most motodops are the genetic product of a poor, uneducated Cambodian father and a poor, uneducated Cambodian mother. Imagine that she dazzles my friends and co-workers with her natural beauty, grace, and charm for the better part of three hours.Others might guess that I got my dark skinned Asian wife from the Philippines. Only desperate losers marry women from the Philippines. They are slow-witted, annoying, directionally-challenged imbeciles. We all know the theory about the Cambodian gene pool being weakened by Pol Pot killing all the smart people. And then, just as dessert is served, she takes the opportunity during a lull in the conversation to stick her right index finger about two inches up her nostril for no apparent reason. I might initially be fairly happy with a beautiful young Cambodian wife, even if I knew that part of the reason why she married me was for financial security. I’m OK with her not loving me in the “Western sense.” But over the years, I think feelings of resentment would eat away at me.If you have read my previous article, 7 Reasons Why I Should Probably Marry a Cambodian Woman, you may think that I am well on my way to donning a pair of purple M. Hammer pants and walking down the aisle with a young Cambodian bride. After further consideration, I have realized that there are seven equally compelling reasons why I should NOT marry a Cambodian woman. Should he move to Cambodia, or should she move to his country? The type of work I do can’t easily be done in Cambodia. So if I lived in Cambodia, I would essentially be semi-retired and living off savings. When a Westerner marries a Cambodian woman, the couple has a very important initial decision to make.

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